Thursday, April 2, 2009

Life of Tyler

Here was Tyler's day yesterday:

6:00 am get up

6:40 am leave for seminary, school, etc.

12:15 pm picked up by mom to attend chiropracter appointment to treat torn hamstring

1:35 pm squeeze in a little Taco Bell before returning to school

3:15 pm it's Wednesday, so he's home early from football and he starts homework

4:45 pm eats an early dinner because...

5:30 pm meets at church to go to a Clippers game with the Young Men and even gets to stand in the tunnel and low five the players (tee hee, they can't "high five" because, obviously, the players are like a gazillion feet taller than them)

7:00 pm the Young Women from church decorate his room for April Fool's day--TP, yarn, balloons everywhere. They're not very secretive, they leave their photo as his screen saver on his computer

10:15 pm home again and back to the homework including re-painting the mask he made in 6th grade (remember Bryce?) to meet the requirements of a current English assignment

2:00 am lights are still on, mom checks in: "No, I'm fine, I'm fine..."

2:45 am lights are still on, dad checks in: "No, I'm fine, I'm fine..."

6:00 am finally asleep! But now it's time to wake up again:( Reprieve from dad--ok to miss seminary

7:00 am mom wakes him up, he sleepwalks downstairs but he's forgotten to take a shower, so up he goes again to start over.

Whew! I'm exhausted just watching him! You might think that maybe he shouldn't have gone to the Clippers game with so much homework? But, you know, he just always finds a way to get it all done and always does it extremely well.


The Queen said...

Tyler is a great kid! But seriously! I hope that game was a good one! lol

Spiker said...


Tawny said...

Wow.... that sounds rough! I love reading about your kids. It gets me motivated for what lies ahead.