Saturday, April 25, 2009

White Knuckle Moments

The results are in. The two most stressful times of motherhood are:

1. Potty Training

2. Teaching a Teenager to Drive

Close third is grocery shopping with two or more kids aged 6 and under.

P.S. Tyler got his permit last week.


Zurmely family said...

well, i'm doing pretty well since i've mastered #1 and #3. all that's left is teaching them to drive... maybe they won't want to. ;)

The Queen said...

I told Ty he could drive to my house now when he needs to babysit. He was super excited by the prospect.

Hoskins Family said...

Congrats to Tyler! Hopefully Aralie will be there next week!

Spiker said...

Obviously you don't have duaghters!!!