Thursday, September 3, 2009

Justin's BYU adventures Part 1: Getting Settled In

Now I know you guys are all used to my mom doing the family blog, but I figured she couldn't give an accurate representation of my college experience while she's in California. So I will be posting for everything that goes on with me at BYU.
Now in case you hadn't heard, I am attending BYU with 4 friends (one of which goes to BYU-Salt Lake). I am rooming with Pat Spiker and right next door to us is Mitchel Morris and Collin Gingrage. Tanner Dahl goes to Salt Lake and lives in apartments down the block. We are already having a blast!!!
We all moved in last week and let's just say, our dorm room is "too legit to quit." I don't know if words can describe our room and its level of i will just show you some pictures.
Pat showin off the sweet room
Mitchel and the dart board, he almost broke the window
The desk...that's where the magic happens
about to get a bullseye (check the KOBE poster)
Didn't I tell you it's awesome?
Now, believe it or not, our room is now even cooler than this. It all started when we went to Cafe Rio with our friend Daniel Pickard and his Dad. Daniel gives us a lot of sweet ideas to make our freshman experience even better. And we believe him, since he is a sophmore, and a return missionary from the Dominican Republic. Anyways, he suggested that we should rearrange our room and put a couch in it!! Well, where do we get a couch? and for cheap? It's not like we're made of money...we're college students. And of course Daniel knew the answer...Deseret Industries of course. So with the help of our friend Maggie Wood, some minor redecorations, and a $45 couch, our room is now the PARTY ROOM. You've got to see it to believe it.
I know it looks cramped, but believe's not. Everyone is now jealous of our room hahaha. Anyways I just finished my first week of classes (no Friday classes...YES!!) and it wasn't too bad. It might be a lot of reading but it's not that bad if I just hit the Library for a few hours a day. I'm having a blast though and I know I have way more good times to come!!! This has been JP keepin' you up to date with the BYU expereince...Peace Out Bloggers.


Lisa P said...

Pretty cool, Justin--I love it! Except I did have to go in to correct the incorrect usage of the word "are" instead of "our" (because I just COULDN'T stand it!). Hmmm, you can send your papers to me to edit if you'd like...guaranteed A!

The Queen said...

lol Lisa!
Justin, I love it! Definitely keep us posted! And that couch is classic!

Mark and/or Lisa said...

Justin. Great post. I hope for many more just like it. I think my favorite part is "this is where the magic happens"... although you'll probably find the magic happens a lot easier not in your room where you can actually get something productive done. So many memories in dorm rooms that looked exactly like that. I feel like Uncle Rico whenever I talk to you guys about the Freshman year in Helaman Halls. Thats' where Lis and I met and we both agree it was one of the coolest years of our young lives. Enjoy it man.

Btw, I think Steve and I are coming up for the TCU game so we'll see you then.

the organic kitchen said...

I can not believe you guys got a couch in that room! I am so glad you and Patrick are having a great time.