Sunday, September 20, 2009

Summer Roughing It - Big Boy Style

In July, Justin and Tyler made it out to Big Bear for some young men bonding. It was the last hurrah for all of the seniors soon to be leaving for college.
This year I noticed they stopped calling it “Camp” and started calling it a “Retreat” since they stay in lakeside cabins with beds, bathrooms, kitchens, and boats at their disposal. Many years they’ve been known to go out to eat and see a movie at least once. Not really “roughing it” in my world (she mocks with disdain and more than a little envy), but hey, they get great attendance!
I love that they even thought to take these pictures. Note that in the first picture Tyler appears (maybe close to being true?) taller than Justin, but then Justin had to rearrange to make sure the correct hierarchy was observed.

All the activities at the "retreat" are a little “extreme”… --Rappelling --Hiking --Mountain Biking --Cliff Jumping --Being dragged around the lake and dumped at regular intervals --Stitches, staples and concussions!

Notice in each of these pictures that it's the Peacock boy coming out better in the upcoming dunk... And of course, there’s always a fair amount of macho posing!

Mostly by Justin...

He caught a little disco fever for this one:

Pretty impressive group! We're grateful to the men who give freely of their time, talent and other resources to provide memories for our boys.

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the organic kitchen said...

Thanks goodness for dads! My boys would have been total wusses if I raised them alone. I love seeing them do guy things and be men! They are lucky boys!