Sunday, September 20, 2009

Justin's BYU adventures Part 3: Week 3 in Review

So much has happened this past week. It seems like the mustache party was ages ago, yet it was only a week I have a lot to talk about. Here's what I did this last week...
MONDAY- Monday was a pretty standard day, I went to my 3 classes (Book of Mormon, American Heritage and Biology). Then I had "family" home evening where we played a little game to help us learn each other's names better. Then the friends and I just chilled until we went to bed (Don't worry Mom it wasn't THAT late).
TUESDAY- Now here's where the week gets interesting. In the morning we had our weekly devotional at the Marriot Center, only this time President Monson was speaking!! The Marriot Center was flooded with people eager to hear the words of the prophet. His talk consisted of a history of many of the past prophets of the church, which included their everything from their favorite food to their favorite scripture or spiritual message. He then proceeded to promise he would do his best as the current prophet and devote all his energy into being a strong leader for the church today. After the devotional, I went to my 2 classes of the day (Mission Prep and World Civilization). Then, at night, we had our first intramural game. We were playing ultimate frisbee. We started off a bit rusty and we were down 6-2 at the half. We then went on a furious rally, and took the lead 11-9. At the end of regulation the score was 11-11, and we went to overtime (first one to score twice wins). With the score tied at 12, it was getting intense. Finally, somebody scored, unfortunately it wasn't us. We lost 13-12 in overtime. After the game we went to Iggy's to celebrate Tanner's Birthday. After Dinner we went to his sister's apartment to eat cake and ice cream and open presents. It was a fun night for sure.
WEDNESDAY- Went to classes again (Book of Mormon, American Heritage and Biology). Then at night we played our first flag football intramural game. We won 27-6...I scored a touchdown, no big deal.
THURSDAY- Another pretty normal day. Went to class (American Heritage, Mission Prep, World Civilization). During lunch I stopped by a booth in the Wilkinson Center that was about disability awareness. I translated a story that was written as if I had dyslexia and won a Free T-shirt!! At night we went to a Pep Rally for the football game and got to take some sweet pics and hang out in the stadium.
FRIDAY- On Friday I don't have class so I got some laundry done, and then went to lunch in the Wilk. After that Collin, Mitchel, Tanner and I gave blood, and got a Free BYU shirt!! Despite popular belief, we did not give blood because of the free shirt or the unlimited amount of free food, we did it to save lives and stuff like that. Later that night we went to a golf course in Orem and helped break a world record for the Biggest Capture the Flag game ever! There were over one thousand people there and it was dark, so needless to say it was just chaos. They tried to enforce rules, but there really was no way to do that. After the game some of us went to see The Pruposal at the Dollar theater. I know it might be a girl movie, but I like it...whatever.
SATURDAY- This was the most anticipated day of the week due to the fact that it was the first home football game...We played Florida State and we came to the game decked out in fan gear. Unfortunately it did not help and we got pummeled. We were pretty bummed but at least we looked cool and had pretty good seats.
This has been JP keepin' you up to date with the BYU experience, Peace our Bloggers.

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