Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Summer Roughing It - Girl Style

Now that Justin has been safely deposited at BYU, there is so much to catch up on.

In JUNE (I know, 3 months ago...) Bryce and I separately went to summer camp. This is what mine looked like:

Interestingly enough, the boys report that they never need to pack tiaras or ballerina skirts when they go to camp...

Crossing the stream on our treacherous hike...

This year's girls camp was really fun and actually involved camping, cooking for ourselves, camp fires, river rafting, hiking, etc. The girls all got along and at times I laughed so hard my cheeks hurt. Of course we had to leave our signature calling card the last night:

Giant underwear.

The boys just don't get the humor.


*kylie* said...

love your blog picture at the top!! typical Jeff face :D

the organic kitchen said...

Hmmmm those under wear don't look all that giant... if you know what I mean.