Sunday, November 1, 2009

Justin's BYU adventures Part 7: Halloween!

So, my calling in the ward is Co-chair of the activities committee. Therefore, i was in charge of organizing the ward's Halloween Dance. So on October 30th we had our ward's Halloween dance, and I think it turned out pretty good. There was dancing, games and pizza. One of the games we played was a pie-eating contest. Let's just say never eat a pie with your face unless you absolutely have to. Aside from it getting all over me, I had banana cream and whipped cream in my nose the rest of the night. As soon as i started eating, it went in my nose and, needless to say, I had trouble breathing for the remainder of the contest haha.
The Breakfast of Champions
Tanner, Jenna and me
Pie Eating Contest
Wheaties and T-Pain (Mitchel)
On Halloween Night, we all went to Josh and Courtney's house for a little, and went Trick or Treating in their neighborhood. And no Mom, we are not too old for Trick or Treating. After that, we went to a Haunted Village in Salt Lake. We basically walk on a trail and people just jump out and scare us. It was a lot of fun and I only got scared a little bit haha. After the haunted village, we watched a "scary" movie at Daniel Pickard's house. We can't figure out why scary movies always are bad. But whatever it was fun...
This has been JP keepin' you up to date with the BYU experience...Peace out Bloggers.


Lisa P said...

And here I would have thought Tanner would come as Spiderman, but I guess maybe his costume is worn out from sleeping in it...Am I old? I don't know what/who Mitchel is.

JP said... says under the picture....

T-Pain is a rapper/singer

the organic kitchen said...

Love the wheaties box. And not all scary movies are bad. The Ring is the best example. Scary and good. The Ring 2 on the other hand... horrendous!

Mark and/or Lisa said...

Nice dude. Real nice.

-Uncle R.