Saturday, November 14, 2009

You CAN take the Utah out of the boy…


This is my cute Utah boy

at a California football game.

He has at least 5 layers on,

hand warmers,

and still whined about the cold.

I guess we should cut him some slack…

He was born in L.A.


the organic kitchen said...

wow i would say what a wuss but that would sound way too much like my husband...

The Queen said...

Ok I felt so dumb for having mistaken Jeff for Justin but now that I am here at the blog I can see why. "Utah boy" plus a (quite small when viewed in Google Reader) picture in which the subject is almost completely covered equals Justin in my head. lol

I have to say I'm with him. I hate the cold! I talk big about leaving California but every time I think about having to deal with winter anywhere else I consider I get cold feet.