Saturday, November 28, 2009

2009 Football Season Ends

2010 season begins Monday.


As I mentioned previously, this year’s varsity football season has been one of character building (AKA we lost more than we won).  It was harder still coming off two historic SHS football seasons when we went deep into the playoffs.  I would have loved for Tyler to have felt that electricity.  But, for every winner there is one who goes home disappointed, and those storybook seasons are few and far between—that’s why they make movies about them.

You’ll notice I’ve become a little philosophical about the whole thing…  It saddens me when students and parents support the team less based on the W-L record.  No matter what, our boys put in a tremendous effort week in and week out. There is honor in that.  It’s a challenge when he goes to church with friends from a variety of high schools (most predominantly a certain high school which shall not be named) and it’s hard to keep your swagger when your team isn’t winning and theirs is and they (mostly)good-naturedly tease you about it.

However, there were many successes…

fb 0609

He felt the camaraderie of being part of a team.

shs%20vs%20hart2009-0049_stdHe was the ONLY offensive lineman to start EVERY game this season.


His snaps were consistent throughout the season.  Even the long snaps.  At the beginning of the season, I would get nervous for him every time he had to long snap and I almost couldn’t watch.  But, after a while I figured out he wasn’t going to miss.


He developed his blocking.

fightHe also developed his reputation—he’s not always Mr. Nice Guy.

Bryce 041

He nearly wore through his helmet.  There was a stripe that went down the middle.  Gone.  Silver paint, gone.  I’m told this is good. (?)

sushi 3

He also learned to like and how to order sushi. 

Our school has a tradition.  On the night prior to a game, the quarterback feeds the offensive line.  This not only encourages more flesh will be between the QB and the defenders, but also shows appreciation to the line for putting their bodies in harm’s way to protect the QB. Well, this set of boys preferred sushi as their pre-game meal.  Tyler is now on a first name basis with “Kenny” the sushi chef and showed off his skills for Bryce and I last Friday.  Bryce is not convinced sushi is a good thing.

He stayed healthy and whole. This is the biggest success of all.


Hoskins Family said...

Congrats to Tyler for having a Individually great season! I wish our schedule would have allowed us to come to a game this season. I love HS Football and didn't get to one game this season...too many soccer girls I guess!

Tawny said...

Wow! I love the fact that you are such a wonderful football mom. Sounds like Tyler had a great season even if his team didn't have a great one.