Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Justin's BYU adventures Part 8: The Home Stretch!!

The past couple weeks have been pretty intense. Lets start with Nov 2-6. I had a Mission Prep Midterm on Tuesday, followed promptly by a Bio midterm on Friday. After countless hours in the library (including 1 or 2 times until midnight) i made it through the week. This marked the first time that i studied on Friday...and i was not a huge fan.
The following week, the 9th-13th certainly did not get any easier. I had an American Heritage Midterm that i took on Wednesday, a mission prep Preach my Gospel outline due on Tuesday and a 3-page paper analyzing the Crusades due on Thursday. Monday and Tuesday i was in the library until midnight studying for American Heritage, and Wednesday i was in the library until midnight again writing my paper. In between classes i found just enough time to finish that mission prep outline...needless to say I was extremely exhausted by the time the week was over.
This week hasn't been terrible, but it still hasn't been easy. Tomorrow i have a 5-7 page research paper due in American Heritage, and i am proud to say that i finished it last night in the library!!! This may be the first time I haven't procrastinated at all...and it feels pretty good.
So now, after 3 weeks of intense school work and hours and hours at the library...i can finally take a deep breath!! Thanksgiving next week!! California next week!! Seeing my friends and family next week!!! Football game this weekend!! Oh...AND TONIGHT IM GOING TO AN EXCLUSIVE IN N OUT DINNER for employees friends/family, and i get to order as much in n out as i want...FOR FREE!!!!!!!!!!
So now i get a nice little break...and then just a few more weeks of school. I'm in the home stretch now...time to finish strong!
This has been JP keepin' you up to date with the BYU experience...Peace out Bloggers

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