Friday, October 14, 2011

It’s His Birthday, Let Him Eat Cake!


1996 - 3


2001 - 8


2006 – 13


2007 – 14


2008 –15


2009 –16


2010 - 17

We skyped (LOVE LOVE LOVE Skype) last night as he opened his presents (it was his birthday already in New York) and we hung out for an hour until it became officially his birthday in Utah.  The middle of the night seems to be primetime for college freshmen, but we could barely keep our eyes open and there wasn’t a fancy mirror ball that dropped 20 stories or anything.

Undying gratitude to our friends the Spikers for supplying his cake this year.  His UT grandparents are also filling the gap.  A little piece of my heart has just broken off not being there.  We love this boy!

Oh, and, Tyler got this cryptic message from his roomie:


Explained here:

Yes, I’m sorry.  Like a car accident, you won’t be able to look away.  You’ll be singing/quoting it all day.

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