Monday, October 3, 2011

Tyler Has Been Replaced

Tyler’s departure to college left the house entirely too quiet.  Not that Tyler ever made much noise, but since January he’s been getting home at noon.  After graduation, he was gone on excursions a little more often, but Bryce was home too.

Since August, there’ve been a lot of long days of


So, I initially tried to replace





But my mom came up with a

BETTER idea…


While I was growing up there were two kids and two dogs in our house.  After my little younger brother left for school, my mom filled her empty nest with seven dogs.  Seven?  Were there only seven?  Maybe there were nine?  Anyway, seven to nine TALL dogs.  This is about the time my husband (then not my husband) met my family.

My parents are back down to two dogs.

My husband has a good memory.

I had to pinky swear that two is my limit (since we already have one).


I knew I had him when he started thinking of names for MY  our puppy.

She’s not Tyler, but she’ll be a good distraction for sure.

Already she’s distracted me from whining this week (more on that later…) and I won’t even get her until November!

Thanks mom and dad for my early birthday present!


The Queen said...

Ha! I love it!! Can't wait to meet her. :)

Bumpus McGee said...

Dogs are just the perfect fill-in (not replacement) for just about anything, aren't they? That dog is a cute one!