Monday, November 24, 2008

Saugus Survives Righetti

Friday, November 21, 2008 Week one of the 2008 CIF Northern Division of the Southern Section ended with a "W" for the Peacock offensive linemen. I say linemen, as Tyler was brought up to Varsity for the playoffs. I suspect his role is to stand during games on the sideline and serve as a tackling dummy during the week on the scout team. They were able to give him the same number he had on JV this year, but...a size 3XL! His numbers are extra shiny because it's a brand new jersey, which seems to be very annoying to him. He asked me how to get them to be less shiny and I said, "play!"

In any event, the final score at CoC stadium was 29-17. Better than even that, all four grandparents were in attendance (just in case you're confused, yes, they're lined up with the wrong partners!).

I would not actually tell you Righetti (from Santa Maria) was as challenging as the score might indicate. The Saugus "Sausages" as Uncle Brad likes to call them, were more than challenged by their own lack of execution and follow through giving up at least more 28 points with silly turnovers in the red zone and turning the ball over on downs in a very uncharacteristic fashion.

We suppose it is either an omen, or it's get all the kinks out for the next game or two. Oh well, brackets don't change for close calls or blowouts. It's Thousand Oaks next. Then the University of St. Bonny next.

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The Queen said...

he could just go out in the backyard and roll around in the grass.