Sunday, November 30, 2008

Story of My Life

I am a relatively mellow mom (in my humble opinion). However, there is one hot button that gets me absolutely, positively STEAMED! My kids never answer the house phone. I can have meatloaf up to my elbows or be gone and need to tell them something, it doesn't matter. It can be sitting right next to them and they won't even NOTICE that it is ringing. When I showed this to the kids, Justin's comment was, "Yeah, and your face looks just like that too!" Incidentally, the artist (Jerry Scott) also does Baby Blues which was my favorite comic when my kids were little, but now I've moved on to Zits since it's about teenagers. He just gets it. The funny thing is, I went to school with his wife and I don't think they ever had kids which just slays me because his comics are always a slice of life.

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The Queen said...

hahaha. Justin is too funny. I feel your pain!!