Sunday, November 2, 2008

Them is Fightin' Words!

OK, I admit that I'm a bit of an overzealous football mom, but I was a offended by The Signal's subtitle to last Friday's Valencia game, "Rout of Hart almost assures Valencia of league crown ". Now, as I do the math, Saugus is 3-0 in league and Valencia is 3-0 in league. Saugus plays at Valencia on Friday. There is one league game after that. Seems to me, we should let Saugus play Valencia before we assure anyone of anything...just saying! Anyway, it promises to be a fabulously offensive game. Last week was a snoozer. It was Halloween and only the truly faithful were in attendance so the energy level was low. The photographer was so bored that he took 50 pictures of the band during halftime and only a few of the game. Oh yeah, we won both games. Justin said I should add action pictures this week, but since he doesn't play in the band, there aren't any. Stay tuned next week!


Tawny said...

I found your blog through Daleen's. I can't belive how mature your boys are. I picture them as little guys. I hope all is well with your family. Come check our blog out. I just had our third baby and we are loving life!

Hoskins Family said...

I was so irratated by that comment too. I have been telling all my friends Saugus is going to take it this week. See you at the Game!

Michelle said...

Lisa, I'm so excited to find your blog. My boys still talk about Justin and Tyler playing football. Jake is actually in the "prep" program for fourth graders. He will play tackle football for his elementary school next fall and then I can join the ranks of the football finatic parents!!!