Monday, November 3, 2008

Vote for George!

Well, here we are in the 11th hour, and I have to say of all the races, this is the one I'm most interested in! My dad (and mom as pseudo-campaign manager) has worked really hard. He doesn't do anything half way. And, I can't think of anyone who has more integrity and clarity--Yucca Valley will be lucky to get him. In fact, I say Huntington for the white house in '12! Although, Jeff wouldn't mind seeing him lose since Nancy's promised him consolation superbowl tickets to take his mind off the loss should that happen (I guess for some reason Jeff thinks he'd be going too!). Love you dad, good luck!


Spiker said...

Go Goerge!

Spiker said...

Oops! I meant Go George!

Hoskins Family said...

I hope the people of Yucca Valley see what a treasure they would have if he wins. Vote Huntington!